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Shell RIDE Electric Scooter SR-5S

Shell RIDE Electric Scooter SR-5S

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Shell RIDE Innovative Design & Heightened Performance

The Shell RIDE SR-5S E-scooter is designed with functionality and style. It comes equipped with a dual EBS and disc braking system for added safety, a folding steering post for carrying and easy storage, a smooth yet powerful 350W motor, an LED dash display, and comfortably ergonomic grips with simple cruise controls, and plenty of foot space for added comfort. Plus, use the Shell RIDE App to monitor your scooter and control settings like the speed (up to 20 mph)* and LED Headlight remotely.

Motor: Front-wheel motor with 350-watt capacity
Battery: 36 V / 7.8 Ah lithium ion with LG cells
Charging time: Approx. 4.5 hours
Brakes: Disc brake at rear, electric brake at front

Bell, front light, rear light and brake light, reflectors and LED display

Dead weight: 30.4 lbs (13.8 kg)
Maximum load: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Maximum speed: 15.5 – 20 mph (25 – 32 km/h)*
Maximum range: 18 – 20 miles (30 – 32 km)*
Tires: 8.5” semi-pneumatic tires front and rear
Product size: 43.3” x 16.9” x 46.1” (110 x 43 x 115 cm)
Gradeability: 12 degrees*

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Connect To The Shell RIDE App!

Check battery levels, riding stats or even customize your speed in the app. Now that's smart!

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Shell Scooter Box

Package Includes

- SR-5S Scooter
- Handlebar Mounting Tool & Screws
- User Manual
- Charger

220 lb (100 kg) Maximum Load & Spacious Deck

Shell RIDE best selling SR-5S Scooter is compact yet sturdy to carry weight, and its wide, anti-slip deck allows both feet in a secure, comfortable position.

Front-Wheel Motor With 350-Watt Capacity

The motor releases remarkable power when quick acceleration is needed, while its balanced throttle response offers a smooth everyday ride. The SR-5S is eco-friendly and virtually maintenance free.

Comfort, Construction & Style

With its solid (flex free) aluminum frame, low center of gravity and rubber padded foot plate, it is the epitome of comfort and solid build quality on every level. The soft custom ergonomic grips effectively correct the rider’s hand positioning,  preventing any wrist pain or numbness for those longer rides, while the textured foot plate ensures foot traction even in wet conditions. The SR-5S is water resistant for those less than ideal downpours.

Lightweight Frame And Easy Folding Mechanism

The Shell RIDE E scooter folds in seconds and, at only 30.4 lbs, it is designed to be carried and stored away with minimal space required that makes your ride time saving and space saving.

Powerful Dual Braking System

The dual braking system includes a disc brake at rear and an electric brake at front. It also comes with a Bell, Front light, Rear light and Brake light along with reflectors and LED display that will keep you riding into the night with maximum visibility on your commute.The taillight blinks in red when braking to alert people nearby.

Maximum Range 18 – 20 miles (30 – 32 km)

A morning ride to your workplace, a noon meet-up with your friends blocks away, and an evening visit to the supermarket, all on a single full charge. What else is needed.

Cruise Control

Maintains your desired speed automatically to avoid hand fatigue. The advanced hybrid 8.5” semi-pneumatic tires insure a smooth ride even in the roughest of conditions with no need for an air pump. No more worrying about correct tire pressure and flat tires while enjoying your RIDE.

Awesome Easy To Use Digital Dash

The clear, easy to read SR-5S digital dash features speed, ride mode, & battery level, ensuring you are informed so you’re never left stranded. The scooter features an exciting sport for the speed enthusiast or ECO ride mode for those longer trips where limiting battery consumption is key.

Safety First Lighting

The SR-5S includes an integrated high intensity LED headlamp to light your path forward while the bright LED tail light lets others know when you are stopping.Bright front and rear LED lights, lateral reflectors and the integrated turn signals make this scooter a safe choice for riding in traffic and during the night.

Enjoyable And Convenient To Use!



Please read your safety instructions

Make sure to read the detailed safety instruction in your supplied SR-5S User Manual before riding.

 Lift & lock the steering column

With one foot on the scooter deck, raise and push the handlebars forward until the folding mechanism clicks into place. Secure it by turning the locking ring until the marking is pointing towards the locked symbol.

When you are finished riding

Unlock the locking ring and place one foot on the scooter deck. Gently push the handlebars away from your body with one hand and pull the locking mechanism up to release the steering column into the folded position.

Display functions

Press power button once briefly to turn on e-scooter.
Press power button once briefly during operation to switch the lights on or off
Press power button twice briefly during operation to switch between the speed modes:
  • 9.5 mph – (default mode)
  • 12.5 mph – the (S) symbol lights up green
  • 15.5 mph – the (S) symbol lights up red
Press button three times briefly during operation to switch the cruise control mode on or off.
Hold button for about 3 seconds continuously to turn off

    The 5 bars show the current charge level of the battery: If only the left bar of the display lights up, the e-scooter must be switched off and charged immediately.

    Before riding your SR-5S

    1. Allow the battery to charge fully before using the e-scooter for the first time.
    2. Check your e-scooter before every ride (see user manual section on “storage, maintenance and cleaning”).
    3. Wear comfortable clothing and suitable sturdy shoes while riding.
    4. Before riding the e-scooter for the first time, make sure you have plenty of space and ensure that there are no obstacles in the way.
    5. Wear a safety helmet for your own safety

    Riding the SR-5S

    Turn on the e-scooter and the lights (see the user manual section on “Display functions”).
    Hold the handlebars firmly by both handles, and place one foot on the scooter deck.
    Push off with the other foot to accelerate.
    For safety reasons, the motor support is only active from 1.8 mph and above.
    Use the thumb throttle to accelerate.
    To apply the brake, use
    • The rear disc brake (brake lever)
    • The electric front brake (thumb brake)

    Connecting to the Shell RIDE app

    You can find the APP for the e-scooter in the Google Playstore for Android, and in the Apple Appstore for IOS. The app name is “Shell RIDE”:

    Download the APP on your mobile device.

    Activate the Bluetooth ® function on your mobile device.

    Switch on the e-scooter.

    Load the APP.

    Select your e-scooter in the app. The app offers the following functions, among others:

    • Selecting the speed modes
    • Switching the lights on/off
    • Information about distances traveled
    • Firmware updates


    Electric SR-5S scooter

    • What is the Max weight capacity?

    The specified max weight capacity is 220 lbs. 

    • What is the max speed?

    The weight of the rider, terrain, and type of surface material plays a factor in speed. 

    • What makes SR-5S different from other e-scooters?

    The Shell RIDE SR-5S is competitively priced against other brands with similar specs and features. SR-5S uses quality components and is designed for a sturdy platform, comfortable riding, minimal maintenance, and most important safety is paramount. It's the value of owning a Shell-branded e-scooter that should last years over other less expensive brands. Check us at the Formula E race on May 8th, 2021 in Monaco! Shell sponsored Nissan race team showcased the SR-5S.

    • Is there an option to add an external battery?

    The SR-5S is designed with the battery pack located in the deck which lowers the center of gravity making it a safe and very stable riding platform. Unfortunately, mounting a heavy external battery on the steering post would raise the center of gravity and also shift weight towards the front of a vehicle which actually makes it less stable especially during sudden braking. At Shell RIDE safety is paramount, therefore the SR-5S doesn't allow for the option to install an additional external battery.

    • How much does it weigh?

    The SR-5S weighs 30.4 lbs. Easy to carry.

    • How long does the battery life last once fully charged?

    Depends on the mode of operation (low, Eco, sport), the terrain as well as the weight of the rider, and their driving habits. The range will be more in flat terrain when in low or Eco mode as compared to steep terrain in sport mode. 

    • Can the app be used to remotely lock or unlock the scooter?

    As long as you are within the Bluetooth range, you can unlock/lock the SR-5S e-scooter via the APP. Lock/unlock is only possible from the APP since there is no lock function on the scooter itself, only power on and off. 

    • What is the minimum speed for cruise control on shell sr-5s scooter?

    2mph is the minimum speed for cruise control on shell sr-5s scooter

    • Is this ul-2272 certified?

    Yes, the Shell RIDE SR-5S is UL-2272 certified. 

    • What does it come with?

    SR-5S comes with a charger, User Manual, 4 x handlebar screws, and Allen wrench

    • Can the scooter be recharged at a public electric charging station?

    No. It uses a standard AC wall plug for charging. The charger is included in the box. 

    • What kind of a time life does the recharge have?

    It takes about 4.5 hours for a full charge.

    • Can this be disabled to keep it from being stolen?

    The app features an innovative built-in locking feature for when the scooter is left unattended.

    The Shell RIDE App

    Connecting to the Shell RIDE App

    You can find the APP for the e-scooter in the Google Playstore for Android, and in the Apple Appstore for IOS. The app name is “Shell RIDE”:

    1. Download the APP on your mobile device.
    2. Activate the Bluetooth ® function on your mobile device.
    3. Switch on the e-scooter.
    4. Load the APP.
    5. Select your e-scooter in the app. The app offers the following functions, among others:
    • Selecting the speed modes
    • Switching the lights on/off
    • Information about distances traveled
    • Firmware updates


    Image of Shell Ride App on Phone Screen


    Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty (North America) this is the manufacturer’s limited warranty (“Limited Warranty”)  for the SR-5S (“Product”) for consumers in United States, Canada and Mexico. This Limited Warranty describes the  service available to you in the event your Product requires warranty service, and you may have additional protec-  tions under your local laws. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE  OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM COUNTRY TO COUNTRY AND STATE TO STATE. Please retain this document

    and the original purchase receipt to preserve your warranty service


    Record your Product’s Serial Number below.

    You can find the Serial Number on the exterior of the carton box or located on the bottom of the Product.  Service E-mail:

    Service Telephone Toll Free: 1-855-585-9141  Website:

    Product is manufactured and distributed by Lotus International Company (“Lotus”), located at 6880 Commerce Blvd,  Canton, Michigan, 48187, USA

    Limited Warranty Period:

    Limited Warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship of the Product arising or occurring as a result of  your normal and ordinary use of the Product. In the event a defect covered by this Limited Warranty occurs, Lotus will  repair or replace your Product in accordance with the terms of this Limited Warranty. The applicable period for the  Limited Warranty begins from 30 days following the original purchase date of the Product from Lotus or an autho-  rized Lotus distributor or dealer.

    360 DAYS WARRANTY COVERAGE: Vehicle body (metal parts) including main body, front fork assembly, steering  post, folding mechanism, rear wheel, front motor, handle bar assembly, brake cable and charge port.

    180 DAYS WARRANTY COVERAGE: Vehicle electrical parts including dash panel, power control module, battery  pack, AC adapter, electronic throttle mechanism, electronic brake mechanism, headlight and tail light.

    90 DAYS WARRANTY COVERAGE: Components subject to normal wear including rubber deck mat, ergonomic  handlebar grips, front tire, rear tire, front fender, rear fender, front fork covers, charge port cover, reflective stickers,  labels, decals, painted logos, kickstand and fasteners.

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