FAQs Shell Ride

Electric SR-5S scooter

  • What is the Max weight capacity?

The specified max weight capacity is 220 lbs. 

  • What is the max speed?

The weight of the rider, terrain, and type of surface material plays a factor in speed. 

  • What makes SR-5S different from other e-scooters?

The Shell RIDE SR-5S is competitively priced against other brands with similar specs and features. SR-5S uses quality components and is designed for a sturdy platform, comfortable riding, minimal maintenance, and most important safety is paramount. It's the value of owning a Shell-branded e-scooter that should last years over other less expensive brands. Check us at the Formula E race on May 8th, 2021 in Monaco! Shell sponsored Nissan race team showcased the SR-5S.

  • Is there an option to add an external battery?

The SR-5S is designed with the battery pack located in the deck which lowers the center of gravity making it a safe and very stable riding platform. Unfortunately, mounting a heavy external battery on the steering post would raise the center of gravity and also shift weight towards the front of a vehicle which actually makes it less stable especially during sudden braking. At Shell RIDE safety is paramount, therefore the SR-5S doesn't allow for the option to install an additional external battery.

  • How much does it weigh?

The SR-5S weighs 30.4 lbs. Easy to carry.

  • How long does the battery life last once fully charged?

Depends on the mode of operation (low, Eco, sport), the terrain as well as the weight of the rider, and their driving habits. The range will be more in flat terrain when in low or Eco mode as compared to steep terrain in sport mode. 

  • Can the app be used to remotely lock or unlock the scooter?

As long as you are within the Bluetooth range, you can unlock/lock the SR-5S e-scooter via the APP. Lock/unlock is only possible from the APP since there is no lock function on the scooter itself, only power on and off. 

  • What is the minimum speed for cruise control on shell sr-5s scooter?

2mph is the minimum speed for cruise control on shell sr-5s scooter

  • Is this ul-2272 certified?

Yes, the Shell RIDE SR-5S is UL-2272 certified. 

  • What does it come with?

SR-5S comes with a charger, User Manual, 4 x handlebar screws, and Allen wrench

  • Can the scooter be recharged at a public electric charging station?

No. It uses a standard AC wall plug for charging. The charger is included in the box. 

  • What kind of a time life does the recharge have?

It takes about 4.5 hours for a full charge.

  • Can this be disabled to keep it from being stolen?

The app features an innovative built-in locking feature for when the scooter is left unattended.